First Log in

Click here to download the Firestorm Viewer and ensure you get the Opensim Version


Firestorm Viewer Instructions

1. TheKaz Grid details are already in the Firestorm Viewers Grid Manager

2. Enter your Avatars Login Details and select TheKaz Grid from the Grid Manager

3. Click Login to start and enjoy

Once you become settled with things you may want to try SIngularity click here to download the latest version of Singularity Viewer


Singularity Viewer Instructions

1. From the Log In Page click the 'Grid Manager' Button

2. Under 'Select a grid' click 'Create' button

3. Fill out the details, the Login URI is '' without the quotes, 'Platform' is 'OpenSim' and 'Grid name is 'TheKaz Grid' and click 'Apply' at the bottom

4. On the Login Page under 'Grid or Login URI' choose 'TheKaz Grid'

5. Click on 'TheKaz Grid' entry and click 'Apply' at the bottom of the Preference window

6. Enter your Login name and Password

7. Click Login to start and enjoy

  • If you experience HIGH Sim Ping or Packet Loss when first logging in - please reset your Viewer and log in again - this should fix the problem.
  • You can also try Teleporting to another Server - this also helps - open your map and find Chiba and click teleport.