About TheKaz Grid

TheKaz is a free user driven 3D virtual world where users can interact and develop their own environment. Whether you enjoy roleplaying, romance, dancing, building or creating,  commerce or trade, TheKaz has it all. Free Uploads and Lots of Freebies. 

Please enjoy your Virtual World.


Ginza is a Gloebits Market set in old asian style. Here you can shop from stores with Gloebits money system, or,  you can also see several freebie Stores here.

Feature Box

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TheKaz Land

Sail the beautiful Kazpian Seas or rent or buy land or a Coastal Region.  Region Rental at VERY reasonable Rates

Sailing Regions

TheKaz is trying to create a reasonably Large mainland for sailing and Flying - We offer a Free Sailing Yacht and encourage people to develop their sailing, boat or Aircraft scripts.  TheKaz usses Ubode Physics Come Sail the beautiful Kazpian Seas


Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 22
Today visitors: 5
Visitors (30 Days): 127
Total Residents: 478
Online Now: 2
Hypergriders online: 0
Simulator: OpenSim
Mode: Grid
Access: Public
Hypergrid: Enable